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Paul Nimbahly – Mapped

Name:                  Paul Boulter (Nimbahly)                                                              Born:                    11th August 1967

Address:             Permaculture College of Australia

74 Cecil Street Nimbin, NSW Australia 2480


Phone:                 +61 (0)447 498 499


 Prior to the shift to a Permaculture way of life, Paul is skilled in construction- electrical, carpentry and emergency evacuation systems.  Later serving in the NSW and Queensland Fire and Rescue Services.  In 1995 reporting to the Deputy Commissioner of Queensland Fire and Rescue (as an inventor) on the design and development of electronic monitoring systems for personal deployed with breathing apparatus in hazardous environments.

August 1995       Attended a two week Permaculture Design Course with Bill Mollison (founder of Permaculture) at Tagari Farm in NSW, Australia, the home of the Permaculture Institute.  At the request of Bill Mollison, stayed on at the Permaculture Institute to co-write a book with Bill to be titled “Avoidable Catastrophe.”   Life changed forever…

1995 – 1998        Researcher at the Permaculture Institute, researching natural, technological and sociological risks to humans and their settlements.  Designing sustainable solutions to mitigate such risks.  This research was directly supervised and directed by Bill Mollison, with a focus on invisible structures as outlined in Permaculture a Designers Manual, chapter 14 Global Strategies for an Alternative Nation.

1998                     Founding director of the Permaculture Research Institute, implementing and expanding on the legal structures developed for the Permaculture Institute.

– Created the Bioregional Map and integrating this structure into the organisational structure of the Permaculture Research Institute, led by Geoff Lawton.

– Leading the first Permaculture Emergency Response Team to the Tsunami disaster in northern Papua New Guinea.

Sept 1999 – Nov 1999     Freelance Permaculture Emergency Manager, promoting Permaculture as sustainable emergency management.  Two months in Arnhemland, Northern Territory, Australia.  Advising the traditional owners on matters relating to sustainability and the unacceptable risks introduced by outsiders.  Advice leads to the removal of four key outsiders.  Given the name Nimbahly, meaning a man who starts something for community (for the good of all).

Nov 1999 – Feb 2000      The name Permarescue born and deployed to East Timor.  Advising Commandante Taur Mattan Ruak (currently Prime Minister of Timor Leste), leader of the guerrilla army, Falintil.  Highlighting the unacceptable risks of the United Nations World Food Program introduction of genetically modified corn and rice to the entire nation.  Advice leads to the nation- wide removal and destruction of GM corn and rice introduced by the United Nations.

Jun 2001 – Dec 2001       Deployed to East Timor, director of Sustainable Defence Specialist pty/ltd.  Contracted to the Australian Department of Defence to design and implement a Permaculture design for the East Timor Defence Force Training Base at Metinaro.  Reporting to the 19 Chief Engineer Works, Australian Army, Captain Len Rouwhorst (currently Lieutenant Colonel Rouwhorst is Commanding Officer 19th Chief Engineer Works, Royal Australian Army).

Dec 2001 – Feb 2002       Indirectly advising General Samuel Corona, leader of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army on matters relating to sustainability and the lessons learned from Falintil and their interactions with the United Nations.

2002 – 2012                       Retired from the international Permaculture scene due to an ever inflating ego of self- importance which threatened to shorten my life and effectiveness.  Became a plumber to accelerate the lessons of humility, adding to a list of useful construction skills.

-Continued to research future trends and potential threats and ways to implement the Bioregional map.  Design the outline for a two week Permaculture Design course focusing on sustainable emergency management.

Feb 2012 – 2015               Providing building support to Robyn Francis of the Permaculture College of Australia, Nimbin, NSW.  Involved in the construction of Australia’s first earthship in Agnes Waters, Queensland, responsible for the carpentry, electrical and plumbing aspects of the build.

– Wrote the book “Avoidable Catastrophe, Permaculture”

– Actively recruiting volunteers to take Permarescue to the world.

– Developing workshops, power point presentations and course curriculum.

Mar 2016                           Director of the Permarescue Research Academy Ltd, a not for profit charitable corporation.  To be a federally approved scientific research institute and therefore tax deductable.  This structure takes no risk and acts as a repository for physical and intellectual assets.

Director of Permarescue Cooperation Pty Ltd, trustee for the Permarescue Trust with the main benefactor being the Permarescue Research Academy.  This structure takes all risks and actively generates funds.

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